Friday 23 September 2011

FEP Fine Art Photograph of the Year 2011 Now Open

Winner of  FEP Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award 2010: Diamantino Jesus, Portugal

The Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award is now open for entries. Entrant can submit up to 3 pictures on the FEP website. The entre fee is €20 per photo (€10 for FEP members). The competition closes on 8 January 2012.

FEP Press

FEP Fine Art Photograph of the Year 2011
open for entries
The FEP European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award 2011 is supported for the third consecutive year by Towergate Camerasure insurance company, and has been open from September, 15th 2011.
The aim of this prize is to reward and stimulate creative initiatives by professional photographers, who may often be constrained with assignment work. The competition is totally web based; registering, hosting and judging will all be carried out online. There are no subcategories. Each entrant may submit up to 3 pictures.
“The FEP European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award is attracting more entries as every year passes. We hope that the number of entries continues to rise and we wish to encourage you all to participate. The ‘raison d’ĂȘtre’ of the Towergate Camerasure Sponsorship is to encourage creativity in photography and this has certainly been achieved with the increasingly high standard of entries submitted previously. Towergate Camerasure is currently a highly respected leading provider of Photographic insurance in the UK and Ireland.” says Roy Meiklejon, of Towergate.
Chairman of the international jury, which will consist of at least 5 international experts, will be Master QEP Martin Vrabko. He adds “On my travels I see many times, that different languages can make a deep abyss. But there is one universal language. Images. I would like to invite and ask all who have something to say in this universal language, to share and submit a message, we would not be able to describe or translate to any language better than where an image speaks for itself. The FEP European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award 2011 is the right place to talk, to listen and to see…”
The winners will be awarded at a special ceremony. The awards will consist of certificates and an “FEP, European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award” trophy. The best 13 pictures (First, Second, Third + 10 finalists) will be printed for inclusion in the awards collection which will travel throughout major European countries. Deadline for receipt of entries is January, 8th, 2012. Please find comprehensive rules and regulations in the FEP competition pages on the website and included as a PDF.
The entry fee is 10.00 Euro for each picture submitted by a photographer who is a member of a National Association which is also a member of the FEP or 20.00 Euro for each picture submitted by all others. QEP and Master QEP’s may enter one picture free of charge; should they wish to enter further images, the cost will be 10.00 Euro per picture, the same fee as for FEP members. The winning images will be displayed on the FEP Web Site and possibly travel as an exhibition.
Information may also be found at

Thursday 22 September 2011

10 Photos of Great Lighting and Ambience

Ambience in photography refers to a particular mood, emotion or atmosphere created in the photo. It is sometimes very tricky to achieve certain mood, and this is where subtle use of lighting comes in handy. Turn off the harsh flash light of your camera and use soft, diffused or natural light, you can avoid casting hash shadows and create a moody effect in the photo. Here are 10 beautiful, hand picked photos of great ambience:

Photo by jenny downing

Photo by myvirtuallady

Photo by Tatinauk

Photo by matrianklw

Photo by Millzero 

Photo by mugley

Photo by Reportergimmi

Photo by R'eyes

Photo by Aubry Aragon

How To Enhance Your Photos With Free Photo Editing Online

Photo by ToriMBC

Free photo editing online is more and more interesting right now, because some big players enter a field of this industry or acquiring of it. Just like Google did to popular free photo editing online Picnik. Yahoo with Flicker the big storage photo online even if Adobe with Photoshop online edition.

Photo by Koshyk

People hope this will upgrade services and quality of free photo editing online which will enjoy a benefit and receiving positive buzz for user. Each of these sites has special quality their own which doesn't inferior to photo editing offline. In fact you don't need to install them, do not require download them and the good news they're all free charge. But some free photo editing online have some advance feature will charge on you, so explore them and enjoy it.

Photo by fRandi-shooters

Adobe Photoshop Express is a part of Adobe family that has set a professional photo editing pictures long ago with Photoshop. Now, it tried to do the same with series free photo editing online, it is named Photoshop Express which unites many of its powerful program burnishes with a simplified, user-friendly interface. It touches up imperfections, and fixes creativity like a pop color or distortion effect, some text, sketch or soft focus filter.

Photo by Nina Matthews

FotoFlexer gives a quite complete the most simple free photo editing online, low bandwidth-consumptive interface available in higher-end image editing. Also more advance tools like glitter text, smooth wrinkle, layering, distortion. Indeed have fun with animations graphic, decorate stickers and insert inter-a-face, morphing. FotoFlexer is a competent tool for beginners and others looking for simplifying and enhance their photographs style.

Photo by eurleif

Picnik is a good to be true in free photo editing online.  It has divided in 5 menus Home, Library, Edit, Create and Share. This editing offers lots effect as film grain, adjustable threshold, lomo-ish, matte, hsl filter and much more in Create. In Save & Share It also allow you to save in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PDF, so enable direct to email photo and share them to your favorite. Picnik has available in many languages like my motherland Indonesian as well as Pixlr.

Photo by ericdege

Pixlr has a professional interface like Adobe Photoshop with toolbars on side, menu bar on top, navigator, layer, history docks. If you have been using Adobe Photoshop you can direct know to use it, a second you click to open this free photo editing online. Whether making more layer images, creating a new image or enhancing your photos with a variety of filters, effects and level adjustments.

Photo by Aziz J. Hayat

FlauntR can edit, enhance and manage images in one stop program with Adobe Flash driven interfaces that called stylR, editR, textR, picasR, mobilR, and profilR. In fact this free photo editing online have the pictures professionally printed by some of the main online printers. To use it you have to register simply requires an email, username and password, then you're ready to start FlauntR. It is a great tool when need a quick touch up or editing pictures.

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Free photo editing online like mentioned above can do almost same with their photo editing software-base partners. To edit your photo in cropping or giving it sepia effect, to enhance picture to be sharpen, to modify it to text graphic. Plus, especially integrate with popular websites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter which you will not get in image editing software-base and the best they are all free charge.

Written by Nijar Sapri

Sunday 18 September 2011

Don’t Miss A Moment – Great Tips For Action Photography

Photo by vramak

Soccer practice, dance recitals, camping trips and music classes, our modern lives are a blur of activity - but that shouldn’t be the case for our photos! You want to make sure you have clear mementos of those all time important moments, when Sarah is the star of the school play or Jimmy scores the winning goal. 

Photo by andi.vs.zf
Action photography isn’t easy; you’ll find professionals use some of the most advanced equipment in the industry for sporting events and competitions – and they spend years mastering the skills. However, with the right professional tips, even compact digital camera users can ensure they never miss out on the action. Here are some to keep in mind: 

Photo by Patrick|Choi

Pick a good vantage point – get close to the action. Be respectful of boundaries but don’t be shy about being one of those parents that’s right up there in the thick of it, snapping away. Try different perspectives, such as getting low down on the ground or higher up if you can. 

Photo by flydime

Pick the right equipment – not all digital cameras are created equal and you’ll want to invest in a quality product. For action photos, look for a model with a fast response time and reduced shutter lag, such as the Canon Powershot SX210 IS. You’ll also want the ability to take continuous shots and adjust shutter speed as required. 

Photo by carterse

Panning – one of the main causes of blurry photos with digital cameras is shutter lag – the time it takes from when you press the button to when the picture actually gets taken. One professional “trick” that will help to overcome this is panning. Panning involves moving the camera in the same direction as your subject, so you’re tracking the shot. With practice, you’ll be able to use a low shutter speed with panning to create blurred motion effects to heighten the impact of your composition. 

Photo by Geraint Warlow

Continuous Shots – digital cameras give us the freedom to take as many photos as we want – and then delete the ones we don’t like. With action shots in particular, you can take a sequence of photos to find the best shot that really captures the moment. Most newer models of cameras have the ability to take continuous shots, but again be wary of shutter lag and the write speed (the time it takes for the image to be stored on your memory card).

Photo by Aristocrats-hat

Get off the Automatic – many of us camera newbies prefer to leave the settings on automatic, which is a good idea if you’re not sure of your equipment and you don’t want to be fooling around with settings in the heat of the moment. Once you’re more familiar with the operations, try experimenting with shutter speed and lighting. Fast shutter speeds mean clearer pictures but will need more light, while slower shutter speeds, combined with panning, can create awesome effects to enhance your photos. 

Photo bycmaccubbin

Enjoy the moment! – Don’t spend the entire time peering through the view finder looking for that one perfect photo. Ultimately photographs are for sharing and capturing a memory – so be in the moment to remember.

Written by Canon Australia